Monday, January 6, 2014

update and praise-

Two weeks before Christmas, the Lord provided an opportunity for our family to go and visit a couple of churches in New England, as well as just spend some much needed time resting and enjoying our time together. We were able to speak on two Sundays and update everyone on SCH and our boys there, and enjoyed the time in between visiting with many of our supporters, old friends and family. It was such a blessed trip and fun to see so many familiar faces again, some who we haven't seen in years! The children loved seeing snow again... definitely something you'll never see in Florida or Haiti! :) 

Also, we were so excited and once again amazed at God's goodness, when after last month's newsletter, a sweet couple contacted us and have sent the funds for the survey for the well at SCH to be done.
Praise the Lord! 

Praying each of you had a wonderful Christmas and a blessed new year!